MAAS Perfumes MAAS Perfumes provide exclusive varieties of fragrances & flavors for wide range of customers which is comprised with technical skills and expert knowledge. Our core competency (strength) is the ability to produce perfume with long lasting smell and Flavors which are accepted by vast majority of people across countries. It was during 1963 our ancestors started the operation in Chennai (India) as a small perfume shop. Our father Dr.S.M. Yahiya Khan, who entered this field at the age of 14, took a keen interest in learning the art of making perfumes. Our father was the backbone of our company and laid a strong foundation for the development of our business. In 1997, MAAS perfumes began its operation by manufacturing homemade perfumes by our own recipe and flavors. For about 5 decades of service in this industry, we began to understand the importance of Alcohol free Perfumes and the attitude of customers towards perfume. So we have introduced the concept Roll on perfumes free from Alcohol which will satisfy the expectation of Long lasting smell and high quality perfume as demanded by the customers. We began our exports to Middle East and Asia Pacific in 2013 and it was during the same year we started our branch in Hong Kong. This confirms the quality of our product and the growth of MAAS Perfumes.
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